Books :

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TestDaf oral and written expression

39 Euro (final price incl. VAT.) 
245 pages
ca. 250 oral practice exercises + solutions
25 written practice exercises + solutions

More books 

Telc C1 Hochschule oral and written expression

23 Euros (final price, inclusive VAT.)
104 pages
ca. 100 written practice exercises + solutions
ca. 100 oral practices exercises + solutions

Telc C1 Hochschule reading, listening, Sprachbausteine

30 Euros (final price, inclusive VAT.)
8 practice tests (reading, listening and Sprachbausteine)
common exam topics with short information texts (reading and listening)

Leben und Überleben in Deutschland – listening

26 Euros (final price - inclusive VAT.)
More than 100 exercises for listening comprehension about everyday life
(with vocabulary lists German-English)
suitable for intermediate levels (B1-B2),
but also hard learning A2 or C1 levels
as a practice of every day conversation

Content examples: What do the workers ask you in the supermarket? How does one terminate a contract? Things to be mindful of when calling a key service to open your door, being aware of petty theft in Berlin, making an appointment with a doctor, getting a refund if your train or airplane arrives late, and more.